The aim of this privacy policy is to inform how the personal data of subjects is collected and processed, to explain for how long it is stored, who can access it, which rights do data subjects retain and how they can exercise them, and any other questions, related to data management.
Personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union (hereinafter – the Regulation), legal protection of personal data act of the Republic of Lithuania and other acts, regulating protection of personal data.
Serve Professionals, UAB follows these general principles of data processing:
personal data is collected only with a clear and legal objective;
personal data is only processed legally and honestly;
personal data is continually updated;
personal data is stored securely and for as long as is required by data processing objectives and legal acts;
personal data is only processed Company employees who are authorised by their work function or other duly authorised data processors.


Data Controller – Serve Professionals, UAB (hereinafter – the Company), legal entity code 135852715, registered office at Elnių St. 9-24, Vilnius.

Data Subject – any physical entity having their data processed by the Company. Data Controller only such data from the data subject that is necessary for Company operations and (or) visiting, using, browsing the Company’s website, Facebook page, etc. (hereinafter – the Website). The Company ensures that the personal data collected will remain secure and will be used for specific objectives only.

Personal Data – any information that directly or indirectly pertains to the data subject, whose identity is known or can be directly or indirectly established using the corresponding data. Processing of personal data is any operation done with the personal data (including collection, recording, storing, editing, changing, granting of access, queries, transfer, archiving, etc.).

Consent – any freely given and informed approval, wherein the data subject agrees for their personal data to be processed for a specific purpose.

Cookies – small bits of text information used on the Company’s website that are automatically created while browsing the website and stored on the computer or any other device used by the data subject (website visitor). Cookies are used in order to improve the browsing experience of website visitors, analyse the flow of visitors and their behaviour on the website.


Personal data is provided by the data subjects themselves. The data subject approaches the Company, registers for services, uses the services provided by the Company, leaves comments, posts question, asks the Company for information, etc.

Personal data is obtained by data subject visiting the Company’s website. The data subject fills in the forms therein or leaves their contact details for any reason, etc.

Personal data is obtained from other sources. Data received from other institutions or companies, public registers, etc.


By providing personal data to the Company, the data subject consents to the Company’s use of the data collected in fulfilling their own obligations to the data subject, providing services, expected by the data subject.

The Company processes personal data to such ends:

Ensuring and continuing the Company’s operations. To this end, the following data is processed:

Ensuring and continuing the Company’s operations. To this end, the following data is processed:
With the objective of contract conclusion and execution personal data of suppliers (physical entities) can be processed: name(s), surname(s), personal ID code or date of birth, place of residence (address), phone number, e-mail address, workplace, position, current bank account and bank, where the account is held, monetary operations or dates of transaction, sums, currency and other data, provided by the subject themselves, that the Company receives in accordance with the acts of law, during Company operations and (or) that the Company is obligated to process by law and (or) other legal acts, e.g. data in the business certificate (field or work, group, code, name, periods of activity, date of issue, sum), self-employment certificate number, information of data subject being a VAT payer and other data, necessary for the execution of contract provisions and (or) appropriate obligations under the legal acts.
Contracts, VAT invoices and other related documents are stored in accordance with the general data protection guidelines, certified by the decree of the senior archivist of Lithuania, under the terms provided.
Legal basis for data processing – the necessity to execute the contract, wherein the data subject is a client acting as a party, or in order to take action on behalf of the client before entering into a contract (Clause B, Part 1, Article 6 of the GDPR).

Administration of queries, comments and complaints. To this end the following data is processed:

Name(s), surname(s), e-mail address, phone number, messages, subject of a comment, review or complaint, body of the message, comment, review or complaint.
Data from queries, comments and complaints is stored for 1 calendar year after their publication.
Legal basis for data processing – data processing is necessary to protect the legal interests of data controller or a third party, except in cases, where such interests, basic rights or freedoms of the data subject that require protection supersede them, especially, when the data subject is a child (Clause F, Article 1 of the GDPR).

Quality control of phone consultations on Company’s services in order to improve the quality of customer service, monitoring that the information is provided in a qualified and prompt manner (recording of phone conversations). For this purpose, the following data is processed:

Recording of a phone conversation, caller’s and recipient’s phone number, date and duration of the phone call.
Phone call recordings are saved for 14 calendar days.
Legal basis for data processing – data subject’s consent (Clause A, Part 1, Article 6 of the GDPR)

For other purposes, the Company has a right to process data subject’s personal data, when the data subject has issued their consent, when the data processing is necessary for the legal interests of the Company or the Company is compelled to process the data by relevant acts of law.


The Company uses cookies on their website to improve visitors’ experience.

The following types of cookies may be used on the Company’s website:

Technical (essential) cookies help present the website and its content to the visitor, ensure the functionality of the website, create an account, log into the account and manage your orders. Technical cookies are essential for the proper function of the website and the visitor’s consent is not necessary for their use.

Functional cookies are used in order to assist the visitor in using the Company’s website by remembering their choices and preferences set while browsing. Functional cookies are not essential for website’s full function, but they add functionality and improve your experience while using the website.

Analytics cookies are used in order to gather information about the way the visitors use the Company’s website. It is necessary in order for us to optimise and improve the Company’s website. Analytics cookies help gather data about the websites you have visited, the websites you were directed from, which e-mail you have opened and taken action, also date and time data. It also means we may use certain information about you and your use of the website, for example, the frequency of your visits, number of clicks on a certain page, used search terms, etc. We may use analytics cookies as part of our advertising campaigns to figure out how users browse the website after being shown an advertisement online. That may also include advertisements of third-party websites.

Commercial (target and advertising) cookies are used to provide personalised advertising to users of the Company’s website. It is considered “repeated marketing” based on browsing habits, for example, the goods and/or services that you search for or view.

The statistics of website users can be accessed by Company employees responsible for the analysis of such data and the improvement of the website.

Partners of the Company, providing content management tools for the website, may also be granted access to the technical records.

The “Google Analytics” tool is provided by a US company “Google Inc.”, therefore, it also has access to the statistics gathered using the “Google Analytics” tool. Contractual and legal obligations to ensure privacy apply to this provider.

You can find more information about cookies on

If you do not agree to our use of cookies, you may change the setting of your internet browser and control the number of cookies. Useful links on refusing cookies can be found below:

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Any information that you provide with the help of social media (including messages, “Likes” and “Follows”, and other communication) is controlled by the proprietor of the respective social network.

At this time, our Company has a page on “Facebook”, the privacy policy of which is provided at this link

We recommend you familiarise yourself with privacy notices from third parties and contact the service provider directly if you have any question about their use of your personal data.


The Company undertakes to fulfil their confidentiality obligations in respect to the data subject. Personal data may be disclosed to third parties only in cases where it is required to conclude or execute a contract for the benefit of the data subject or any other legal reasons.

The Company may provide personal data to their data processors that provide services for the Company and process personal data in the name of the Company. Data processors have a right to process the data under Company’s direction and only in such scope that is necessary to properly fulfil the contractual obligations. The Company’s uses only such data processors that can sufficiently guarantee implementation of proper technical and organisational measures in such a way that data processing conforms to the provisions of the Regulation and ensures right protection for data subjects.

The Company may also provide personal data in response to inquiries from courts or national institutions, as necessary to follow the applicable acts of law or instructions of national institutions.

The Company guarantees that personal data shall not be neither sold, nor rented to third parties.


Persons under 14 years of age cannot provide any personal data on the Company’s website. If a person is younger than 14 years of age and wishes to use the Company’s service, they must provide a written consent for personal data processing from their representative (father, mother, guardian) before providing any personal information.


Personal data collected by the Company is stored in printed medium and (or) in Company’s information systems. Personal data is only processed for the period required to achieve the goal of data processing or as is required by the data subject and (or) provided by the acts of law.

Although data subject may terminate the agreement and refuse Company’s services, the Company must continue storing the data of the data subject, in case there are requirements or legal claims in the future, as long as the data storage term lasts.


Right to receive information on data processing.

Right to familiarise themselves with processed data.

Right to demand data corrections.

Right to demand data deletion (“Right to be forgotten”). This right is not applicable if the personal data they wish be deleted is processed on another legal basis, in cases, where processing is necessary for execution of a contract or other obligation under applicable acts of law.

Right to limit data processing.

Right to refuse data processing.

Right to transferability of data. The right to transferability of data cannot have a negative effect on the rights and freedoms of others. Data subjects have no right to data transferability in regard to personal data that is processed manually in systemised files, for example, paper files.

Right to demand other resolutions than automated data processing, including profiling.

Right to lodge complaints with State Data Protection Inspectorate in regards to personal data processing.


The Company must create conditions for data subjects to exercise the aforementioned data subject right, except in cases provided by law, where national security or defence, public order, crime prevention, investigation, determination or criminal persecution, important national economic or financial interest, official or professional ethics violation prevention, investigation and determination, protection of rights and freedoms of the data subject of other persons must be ensured.

Data subject may contact the Company in regard to their right implementation:

delivering written application in person, through a representative or electronically, by e-mail:;

verbally, by phone: +370 682 09111;

in writing: Elnių St. 9-24, Vilnius, LT-08101.

In order to prevent unlawful disclosure of data, the Company must confirm the identity of the data subject after receiving data subject’s request to provide data or exercise their other rights.

Company’s reply to the data subject must be provided within one month from the receipt of application, taking specific circumstances of personal data processing into consideration. This period can be extended for two more months, taking the complexity and number of applications into account.


The data subject must:

inform the Company about changes of information and data provided. It is important for the Company to have the correct and current information about the data subject;

provide the necessary information, so the Company is able to identify the data subject after receiving an application, that it is communicating or cooperating with the specific data subject (provide identification or follow the legal procedure or use of electronic communication devices to properly identify the data subject). This is necessary for the protection of data subject or other persons, so that the disclosed information about the data subject would only be provided to the data subject, without violating the rights of other persons.


By providing the Company with personal data, the data subject agrees to this Privacy Policy, understands the conditions and agrees to abide by them.

In their development and improvement, the Company is entitled to alter this Privacy Policy unilaterally at any time. The Company has the right to partially or completely change this Privacy Policy unilaterally by announcing the changes on the website

Any changes of amendments to this Privacy Policy come into force on the day of their publication, i.e., from the day they are announced on

Privacy policy

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