System installation and equipment requirements

Serve Professionals system has been professionally installed for over 20 years.

We will help you choose and purchase the most appropriate and effective equipment package.
We will also advice on connecting separate computers to a single common database.
Free consultation
Installation on a cloud server
Installation on your own server
Installation on a local network (LAN)

Technical requirements

Operating system Microsoft Windows OS: 10 / 11 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019
Processor Intel, at least 3GHz At least 2GHz
(only for SERVE and SQL processes)
If the database station without terminal users: at least 5 GB free.
For terminal users: ~0.5 - 1 Gb free for each user.
At least 1 Gb free
Hard disk SSD (RAID) at least 10 free GB (obtain external storage for archives) It doesn't matter
Monitor Lowest resolution 1024x768 p.
Local network 100 Mbs, WAN not recommended
Internet connection High-speed (if DB station in not on the local network)

Additional equipment, if needed:

SMS message capability TCG Telecom online SMS services: IN and OUT SMS.
Contract contacts:, +370 659 14730,
POS operations POS hardware (provider JSC “Empirija”, other providers unavailable).
Printing of reminders/ coupons Non-fiscal printer (provider JSC “Empirija”, other providers unavailable).
Printing of documents Printer for A4 and A5 documents.
A special printer is needed by demand for patient cards on a long A5 cardboard.

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